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when someone tries to wake me up 





Did Disney think Floridians were some alien race or something.

We are

too accurate 

i live in florida and i can confirm that this is how we act

I actually put my peanut butter and jelly on seperate slices. When I bought a pbnj from my colleges library cafe and noticed that the peanut butter encapsulated the jelly I was utterly confused going wtf? I grew up in the state where I go to college and it is Ohio. 

Who fucking puts peanut butter on both slices??

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Sometimes I really play games intently when I just want to scream and shout and grunt and make all sorts of noises that are forceful because I’m frustrated with whatever circumstances I have at the time. 

But I have to do it quietly, because I can’t let those around me know that I’m upset about something, or maybe those that are around me are the cause for such frustration.

That’s why when Virtual Reality Technology furthers along, I really hope that the players can finally use their own vocal chords to finally get all that frustration out, without disturbing others…

But that kind of technology doesn’t exist today and I’m not sure it will even be around in my lifetime, so I stay cooped up and play my video games quietly.





there is a reason 12 year olds should not be on tumblr



that is the reason in case any of you were confused 

I’m just gonna say that 12 years old was when my formative years were happening. Tumblr has to be the most confusing fuck bucket in the world and 12 years have no guidance whatsoever but to go straight for the hate that tumblr spews out because the one thing 12 years olds want in the whole wide world is to find a niche where they can have the best friends ever and will do anything to get it

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